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Conversation Between Pumpgunner and paddler
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  1. paddler
    10-25-2017 09:55 PM - permalink
    Nice! I love GWT. Pintails, too. Cody, you need a 20 gauge with a Skeet tube in it shooting WW Xpert 6s.

    We used to make a living on GWT almost 20 years ago. We'd go out once a week and kill two limits in 45 minutes. Leave the house at 9:00 or so, paddle about a mile, get set up by 10:30. Not like that anymore. I killed a couple stray teal last week. Trying new areas. Most recently I ran into TJ Booth and his brother, Kevin Booth's sons. Lots of gaddies and wigeon, just a couple pinnies. Only fired one shot, killing one bird, but it was a canvasback.

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