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TOgden 07-27-2020 07:12 PM

Huntington North
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Made another trip over to HN today to fish from my tube. I launched at the state park ramp around 6:30 and fished to the west from there until 11:00. There were still a lot of folks camping at the park but they all must have been burned out on fishing after the long holiday because there wasn't another boat on the water.
I started out with a size 8 bead head black/silver soft hackle and picked up a couple of nice 14" to 16" chubs:sad:
I was using a fast sinking line and fishing in 18' to 30' FOW. I changed over to a size 6 bead head black leech pattern with a black UV polar chenille body. I managed a few rainbows in the 17" to 18" range, along with a few more hefty chubs and some small bluegill.

The water temperature was 68-71 degrees and the visibility in the water of about 5'. The reservoir is 86% full and coming up.
It wasn't fast fishing but it was better than sitting home and tying flies.

one4fishing 07-27-2020 07:42 PM

Sounds like a good day. Thanks for sharing

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