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vato-loco 07-09-2009 09:55 PM

hunting on a bike?
ive been thinking lately about transportation while im on the elk hunt, and ive come across an idea. problem is, i dont know that its even legal, so thought id check and see if anyone here knows.

i dont wanna hike up the mountain again this year because it was torture last year. but i dont have a 4wheeler, and besides, the trail is closed to motor vehicles. i also dont have a horse or mule so thats not an option. so i thought: mountain bike. its technically a vehicle, but its not a motor vehicle. im gonna go ahead and assume it wouldnt be allowed off the trail, but i dont have a problem with that, i just wanna get to my spot quicker and hike from their.

i know it would be difficult to carry an elk quarter and ride a bike at the same time, so my idea is to put a really big granny basket on the back. will everyone else laugh at me during hunt season? most likely, but it would be effective.

so yeah, opinions and if anyone knows whether or not its technically legal or whatever, let me know what you think.

fixed blade XC-3 07-09-2009 10:07 PM

Re: hunting on a bike?
I've seen several people do it, you should be fine. I tried it, but I hadn't ridden I bike for so long it was easier hiking! :lol:

hockeyandhunting 07-09-2009 10:08 PM

Re: hunting on a bike?
usually they post pictures of what is legal on the signs near the trails, like a jeep, an atv, a horse, mtn bike, or a hiker. I would check the signs, if it isn't an established trail and more of a game trail it is probably only open to horses and hikers, but I'm not really sure about mtn bikes.

BPturkeys 07-09-2009 10:34 PM

Re: hunting on a bike?
If it is legal to ride your bike there, it is legal to ride it on your way hunting...BUT...maybe you are asking the wrong forum, maybe you should be askin the sprocket head's forum what they'll think of a guy ridin down the trail with a bloody carcass tied to the back of his Gary Fisher Superfly!

svmoose 07-09-2009 10:37 PM

Re: hunting on a bike?
I'm pretty sure you can ride a bike anywhere on and off trails, it isn't a motor vehicle. The only exception would be in a wilderness area. They would be off limits there. I would call the forest service and make sure though. I know people do it, I'm just not sure about Utah.

hunter_orange13 07-09-2009 10:38 PM

Re: hunting on a bike?
i have seen some ppl do it like that but the bike was spray painted camo and had a bow and gun rack on the back... not sure i would trust that tho.

vato-loco 07-09-2009 11:46 PM

Re: hunting on a bike?

Originally Posted by BPturkeys
If it is legal to ride your bike there, it is legal to ride it on your way hunting...BUT...maybe you are asking the wrong forum, maybe you should be askin the sprocket head's forum what they'll think of a guy ridin down the trail with a bloody carcass tied to the back of his Gary Fisher Superfly!

hopefully theyre appalled and outraged :P trying to damage my truck wont do them any good 8) it cant get any worse

walter sobchak 07-10-2009 12:24 AM

Re: hunting on a bike?
trek out of wisconsin used to make a camouflage bike, so you're not that far off, a friend of mine has one. you might be able to get/use a bike trailer to bring down the quarters to make it easier. plenty of people who bike also hunt.

as far as i know, on trails, the only spot the forest service typically doesn't allow bikes is wilderness.

Lycan 07-10-2009 12:33 AM

Re: hunting on a bike?
I don't know if it's on this forum or the old one, but someone talked about the trailer they rigged up for their mountain bike and used it for the big game hunts very successfully. I bet if you kept your eye out on ksl and stuff for a used bike stroller you could probably reinforce that enough to carry a pretty decent load.

swbuckmaster 07-10-2009 02:25 AM

Re: hunting on a bike?
Aaaah mountain bikes -*|*-

Long winded post but a must read! -_O-

Here is my take! I thought it would be a great way to scout for deer so I purchased a 700 dollar bike with all the goodies.

First time out went like this.
Started up a hill in the afternoon and at about 200 yards into the trip I got off because I couldn't breath. I began pushing the bike up the hill. This is when the hell started. First to go was my pride. As I gasped for air three or four women and several guys all decked out in spandex passed me leaving me in the dust. Apparently I dint know the tour de France was going on that weekend. I kept on pushing the bike and kept on getting passed up. After about 3 hours of hiking and pushing I got to the top of the hill. I noticed all the other riders tracks had taken a right so I took a left.

I began slowly riding along the trail. The wind was flowing across my bald head. I just new I would see a buck. :D I began to feel very confident on my new purchase. I stopped at one spot and pulled out my spotting scope and started scanning. To my surprise I didnt see anything. So back on the bike only this time I didnt hook my shoes in the toe straps. I just let them dangle.

This was my next mistake! As I quickly rode down the trail a f'n " f'n means freaking" stick reached out and grabbed my toe strap. The next thing I new my bike had taken a left turn and I had keep on going straight. I hit the trail and rolled over and over down the hill. The good thing was my brand new spotting scope had cushioned my fall. I let out the mother of all words and went up and removed my toe straps with my teeth and through them down the hill.

Wow! The pain had subsided and I was now feeling better. Not wanting a little stick to ruin my scouting trip I got back on my iron horse. As I traveled several miles down the trail I noticed I was only looking at a 4" piece of trail right in front of my tires. I kept on thinking this is a waste of time! I don't know how many deer I must have passed and it was getting late. So I gave up and headed for home. As I made my way down the trail I came upon a little stick lying across the trail. I had to slow down, so I begin applying my now squeaky brakes. Well I must have applied too much pressure on the front brakes and the tire came to an abrupt stop on that f'n stick I was now going heels over head only this time my bike had some how got stuck in my leg which caused a pogo effect knocking me off the trail but not before it racked my nadds. The good news is my brand new spotting scope cushioned my fall. I don't know what I would have looked like with out that in my back pack.

When I got to the truck I had sore nadds, tore up knees, bent handle bars, bent seat, and a bruised ego. I also hadn't even seen a deer and I had chinked my spotting scope. The good news is I was still alive and with my new found education on mountain biking I wasn't going to take it back on the hill.

This leads to further mistakes! O|*

I now had a brand new sweet 700 dollar bike with bent handle bars and a bent seat. I had to find out how I was going to get my moneys worth out of my new investment. So I thought I will just ride it on the Jordan River trail every night for exercise because I hate to run. On my first trip I got that bike into high gear and the next thing I know I was flying down the trail, the wind was flowing over my bald head and all was good. That was almost all I remember. As I came around a corner someone had closed a f'n metal gate and I had apparently ran right into it leaving the bike on one side and I was now on the other. My arm had snapped at my elbow and I had also separated my shoulder. You would have thought that would have been enough punishment but no. Apparently a skunk that had been feeding in an over turned garbage can had thought some screaming idiot was either going to try and take his garbage away or intended to do him harm. So he did what skunks do and sprayed me. -#&#*!-

I now had a several mile trek back home and a trip to the emergency room to look forward to. The only thing I wish was my back pack with my new spotting scope had saved the day cushioning my fall. _/O

This is not the end of my long winded post!

Fast forward 2 years. It was the turkey hunt and I had to find out a way to get ahead of the other turkey hunters that were hunting the area I was hunting. I thought Ill just get that sweet now 400 looking dollar bike back out of retirement. I could use it on a canal road and ride about a mile and beat these hunters AKA "ALPINEBOWMAN" to the birds. :mrgreen: I put on my head lamp then strapped on the back pack with shot gun. On about the fourth turn I ducked a limb. However apparently you can't duck a back pack with a shotgun sticking up. The f''n limb ripped me off the bike and tossed me down the hill almost into the canal. The good news is my father in laws brand new shotgun had cushioned my fall. The bad news is my nadds got racked.

The conclusion to my long winded response is: A mountain bike in my eyes is not the way to go! This type of horse is better suited for guys that like to wear spandex and eat vegetables... Save your nadds and get a good pair of hiking boots!

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